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ERMS Loves Angels – Angel Tree


Our Angel Tree project starts on Nov 27th. We have changed the structure this year to benefit more families and kids. Feedback from last year was that students wanted to be a bigger part of the project. Each 1st-period class will be in charge of providing Christmas for one “Angel”. Along with monetary donations we are giving Elk Ridge Students the opportunity to shop for their specific Angel, provided by Cyprus Credit Union.

Along with the list provided by Angel Tree, we are adding a few items to every list. These items include:

A Christmas Stocking
Stocking Stuffers
A Christmas Book
Hygiene Products
We will still have school-wide rewards such as Hot Chocolate, Classroom Prizes, Pie in the Face, Teacher taped to the wall during lunch, Wapiti Time, Mr. Campbell Student haircut etc. We are shifting the focus from being competitive to being cooperative.

Red Ribbon Week


Red ribbon week is in full swing and we have both the SBOs and the PTSA Ambassadors to thank for the activities to encourage us to 

On Monday, we dressed in BLACK and WHITE to show there is no gray when it comes to doing drugs. It’s BLACK and WHITE. Don’t do drugs!

One Tuesday, we wore denim to show that “Denim is in! Being a bully is out!” Bruce Springsteen called, he wants his clothes back. However, “The Boss” applauded our choices, to wear denim, and to NEVER be a bully.

On Wednesday we dressed as twins to show our support for friends and be aware, listen for signs, and tell someone who can help. We CAN prevent suicide.

Thursday is HAT DAY! Hat’s off to you for being kind, being strong, and being you!

Friday is SPORTS DAY! While we wear the garb of our favorite team, we will reflect on how “Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others!”

Check out Red Ribbon Week photos in the slider on the homepage!

Want to learn to ballroom dance?


There will be a ballroom workshop on Tuesday, November 7 from 3:00-4:30 in the cafeteria. No sign up is necessary—just show up! We will be learning two styles including Foxtrot, which will be used a lot in this year’s musical. The instructor is Madison Cavaness, former Elk Ridge student and now graduate from the UVU ballroom team. Come give it a try!

Halloween is sneaking up on us! Take a peep at these costume guidelines


Costumes on Halloween are Encouraged! By following these simple guidelines, we can ensure that all of us have a safe and happy Halloween

  • Must come already dressed for the day
  • Simple, fun, costumes
  • No battery operated or inflatable costumes 
  • No face paint, masks, or special effect paint or rubber silicone on face
  • No weapons, facsimile of weapons, gore, or violence
  • No costumes that are mean-spirited or degrading to racial, ethnic, or religious groups
  • Colored hair is fine as long as it is applied at home. No colored sprays allowed at school
  • Costumes should meet school dress code.
    • This includes bandanas or other items that have been used to associate with gangs.
    • An exception: Hats are acceptable if they are part of the costume and can be removed for class and are not a problem in the halls

Positivity! Pass it on!


With all the things happening in the world around us, the SBOs have decided they want to do a week of sharing the positive. How incredible is that? They will be collaborating with the PTSA and the NJHS on this project. This week they will be doing various things to keep the positive going at the school.