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Elk Ridge is Learning Online at Home!

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All Jordan District Schools will not hold in-person classes through March 29th. Here are the basics of what you need to know:

  • School staff will continue to work regular school hours, although some will be working from home. Emails for staff members can be found here.
  • If you need a device, visit the school during school hours. If you have a device at home, you do not need a school device.

We need your help. This is uncharted territory for all of us, and we're doing this on a pretty rapid turnaround. Please be patient with us as we learn how to best communicate and learn together online.

MEALS UPDATE: All meals will be served at elementary schools for JSD students of all ages during the dismissal. No meals will be served at Elk Ridge.

Teachers will be using either Canvas or Google Classroom to deliver online instruction. Students should have accessed Canvas and Google Classroom prior to the end of school on Friday. Below is a list of where you can find content for each teacher.


Campbell (Special Education)

Christensen, R. (Science)

Dayton (Math)

Doty (Math)

Downs (PE) - Also Via Email

Fife (Social Studies)

Giove (Dance)

Goodrich (Choir)

Hardy (CTE)

Hirschi (PE)

Klvacek (Science)

Lawes (Math)

Luce (Health)

Lyon (Band)

McDermott (Orchestra)

Melrose (Science)

Mineer (CTE)

Nelson (Math)

Nielsen (Science)

Pollock 8th (US History)

Rees (CTE)

Rider (Science)

Rothfuss (Language)

Spitzer (Math)

Urquijo (Social Studies)

Villalobos (Language)

Walker (Math)

Weedon (Special Education)

Wilcock (Math)


Bronson (Language Arts)

Campos (Science)

Christensen, A. (Language Arts)

Cordova (Language Arts)

Dansie (Language Arts)

Dexheimer (Special Education)

Gonzales (Art)

Hampton (Language)

Lassen (Debate)

Mair (Special Education)

Morgan (CTE)

Olsen (Language Arts)

Orgill (Language Arts)

Pollock 7th (Utah Studies)

Saxton (Social Studies)

Schmidt (Theater)

Schroen (Art)

Thomas (Language Arts)

Vasquez (Language)

Wenerstrom (Language Arts)

Williams (Language Arts)

Wilson (CTE)

Young (Language Arts)

Rizzuto (Social Studies)

Don't have a computer? No problem! Both Canvas and Google Classroom offer free, easy-to-use smartphone apps.

If you need the Canvas app for your phone, go here for Android and here for iOS. You can also access it on any browser using the button below.

If you are unsure how to get to or use Canvas, visit this page.

If your teacher is using Google Classroom, you can access it through any browser here, or get the smartphone app here for Android, and here for iOS.

If you need to access your school email, you can get to it here:

From grades to registration, Skyward is your online access point to most student information.

During the school closure, access our media center for instructions on downloading digital content.

Looking to attend ERMS? Complete a permit application to join our waiting list.

Be safe, be kind, and be responsible. To see how that plays out in rules and policies, see the handbook.

All school-related events postponed through March 29th. More information will be posted here as events develop.

ERMS has seven periods a day with three lunches, and a late-start Friday schedule for staff development.

Connect with us on Facebook for the latest ERMS news, and to message us a question or two.

Our counseling staff can help with registration, social and emotional support, and more.

Instagram is home to the latest pictures and videos from Elk Ridge. If you have a great picture, send it our way.