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2017 – 2018 School Land Trust Plan

School Plan 2017-2018 - Elk Ridge MD
School Plan Approved

Goal #1
Submitted By:
Wyatt Bentley
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Admin Reviewer:
Tim Donaldson
Admin Review Date:
District Reviewer:
Nadine Troxel
District Approval Date:
Board Approval Date:
School Plan Approval Details

Elk Ridge teachers will improve tier one instruction so that 80% of all students are demonstrating proficiency in the essential standards as
identified in the essential standards chart.

Fine Arts
Social Studies
Foreign Language
Academic Areas

1. Competed Essential Learning Standards Chart (x out of y courses)
2. One Common Summative Assessment for each ELT
3. Teachers will identify what data tool they will use to collect and analyze data.
4. Teachers will provide Essential Learning Target Cards to each student prior to starting the ELT and identify at least two formative common
5. Teachers will submit re

ections from their coaching cycle and their additional coaching activities.

6. Teachers will attend weekly collaboration/PLC as provided by the JSD Board of Education. Teachers will submit a brief re

ection and evidence of

learning to their JPAS administrator.

Category Description Estimated

Total: $138,000

Salaries and Employee
ts (100 and 200)


Summary of Estimated Expenditures
Category Estimated Cost
(entered by the school)

Total: $138,000

Salaries and Employee Bene

ts (100 and 200) $138,000

Funding Estimates
Estimates Totals
Estimated Carry-over from the 2016-2017 Progress Report $38,192
Estimated Distribution in 2017-2018 $104,632
Total ESTIMATED Available Funds for 2017-2018 $142,824
Summary of Estimated Expenditures For 2017-2018 $138,000
This number may not be a negative number Total ESTIMATED Carry Over to 2018-2019 $4,824

Council Plan Approvals
Number Approved Number Not Approved Number Absent Vote Date
5 0 3 2017-04-17
These are the measurements for the action steps. As we are able to establish these action steps we will growth to accomplish our bigger goal of 80% of
our students being pro

cient on the summative assessments after tier one instruction.

Action Plans:
1. Teachers will complete of the Essential Standards chart (ES) for each content course in their departments.
2. Teachers will develop common summative assessments (CSAs) for each ES
3. School-wide tools for collecting data about students ES pro

ciency level, and time for data analysis as a collaborative team

4. ES Chart broken into smaller targets (I CAN statements) with common formative assessments (CFAs)
5. At least one JPAS/Interim JPAS goals will be aligned with tier I instructional practices that have an e

ect size of at least 0.4 (John Hattie). Teachers will

use instructional coaches to assist in making these improvements.
6. Teachers will participate in coaching activities; they will complete one coaching cycle and participate in at least two other coaching activities focused
on a particular instructional strategy (e.g., peer coaching, modeling, classroom observations, and re
7. Time for teachers to do the work (e.g., common preps, Friday mornings, substitutes, stipends)
8. Teams will use the Protocol outlined by Mattos Simplifying Response to Intervention as a starting point for guidance.
Action Plan Steps

One full time educator working as an instructional coach. Four other educators with a period with the intention of instructional coaching. 5
classroom aides assisting with tier 1 and 2 instruction. Weekly meeting with teacher leadership teams.

Increased Distribution
The 2017-2018 distribution in this plan is an estimate. If the actual distribution is more than the estimate, how will additional funds be spent to
implement the goals described in the plan?
Additional times for teachers to work collaboratively on tier one instruction...sub's stipends, additional data days. We will also carry a portion
forward to support instructional coaching in the following year.

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