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Memory Book

Memory Book Staff - 2012-13 b

Are YOU interested in working on the Memory Book Staff? If so, here’s what you need to do.

1. Download the Application for Memory Book or pick up and application from Mr. Simpson in Room 209.
2. Read the information and complete the application.
3. Be sure to have a parent sign the application.
4. Turn the application into Mr. Simpson (Room 209) on or before the first staff meeting, which is on September 3, 2015 at 3:00 in Mr. Simpson’s room.

Meetings are held each Thursday at 3:00, unless one must be canceled for some reason. These meetings will normally end on or before 4:15, but sometimes they may run a little longer. So you will need to arrange for your transportation home.

The Memory Book is a PTSA-sponsored activity. This year’s PTSA Memory Book supervising volunteer hasn’t been confirmed at this date. And of course should you need to contact Mr. Simpson you can email him at

Want your photos in the Memory Book?
If you take pictures at the various Elk Ridge activities throughout the school year and have some really good ones that you think would be great to add to the Memory Book, then please share them with us.

To share one or more of your school-related photos click this link Upload a Photo. You will be able to upload your photos so that they can be viewed by one of the adult volunteers prior to being moved over to our photo bank. All photos are initially screened for quality and subject matter, as well as tagged for specific school activities that make it easier to locate and add photos to a page.