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"The most challenging part of the project was painting in all of the small places. I did really like this project. Choosing our own colors and mixing colors was a lot of fun." -- Sierra F. (First Period)
In Ms. Gonzales' Arts Foundations I Class, students learned and experimented with color theory and watercolor paintings. In the final painting project, learning was demonstrated as students decided on a base color and painted all templates with the appropriate color families. Thank you for making Elk Ridge more colorful!

Our Angel Tree project starts on Nov 27th. We have changed the structure this year to benefit more families and kids. Feedback from last year was that students wanted to be a bigger part of the project. Each 1st-period class will be in charge of providing Christmas for one "Angel". Along with monetary donations we are giving Elk Ridge Students the opportunity to shop for their specific Angel, provided by Cyprus Credit Union.

Along with the list provided by Angel Tree, we are adding a few items to every list. These items include:

A Christmas Stocking
Stocking Stuffers
A Christmas Book
Hygiene Products
We will still have school-wide rewards such as Hot Chocolate, Classroom Prizes, Pie in the Face, Teacher taped to the wall during lunch, Wapiti Time, Mr. Campbell Student haircut etc. We are shifting the focus from being competitive to being cooperative.