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Teacher Talent Show 2017


Did you miss the teacher talent show? HOW COULD YOU??? It was AWESOME. If you want to see the video, you CAN! Go to to see this years and those from the past!

Spirit Week!


Enjoy Spirit Week, May 8 – 12!

  • MONDAY MAY 8TH: Peter Pan “Think a Happy Thought”   LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: Write a happy thought on pixie dust to hang in the auditorium.
  • TUESDAY MAY 9TH: Up “Adventure is Out There” LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: mark your adventure on a map
  • WEDNESDAY MAY 10TH: Toy Story “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: guess how many Army Guys are in a jar for prizes.
  • THURSDAY MAY 11TH: Hercules “You Can Go the Distance” LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: relay races
  • FRIDAY MAY 12TH: Where’s Nemo? “Just Keep Swimming” DAYTIME ACTIVITY: find the Nemos hidden around the school.  There will be 36 total and take it to the office for a prize.

Ballroom Team Auditions


Auditions for the ERMS Ballroom Team are on Tuesday, May 16th. A workshop to learn the audition piece will be on Tuesday, May 9th. Get more details at

Help Support Our Refugee Project!


The SBO’s at Elk Ridge Middle School have planned and organized a refugee project. They have a plan to collect items for the refugees that are much needed.The items must be donated by May 6th, 2017 and must be store bought and in original packaging. These items should be given to their 1st-period teacher, and the SBO’s will collect them.

These items are:

Bars of Soap

Shaving Razors (individually packaged)



Kitchen rags

Cleaning Buckets

Wash clothes

Packages of wipes

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Trash Bags



Laundry soap

Dish Soap

Cleaning Sponges

Multi-Purpose Spray


Unscented Lotion


Donations will be accepted until May 6th. Thank you for all that you do!

Spring Ballroom Workshop


Sign up for the Spring Ballroom Workshop, Tuesdays, March 14 – April 11, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Sign up by March 13, space is limited. You must sign up with someone from the opposite gender in order to keep numbers even. Get a sign up sheet from Mrs. Rees in room 404 or from Mr. Burt in room 1001, or you can print one here:  Ballroom Workshop Information Spring17

Workshop is a great way to find out if you enjoy ballroom with a low, short-term commitment. If you do enjoy it, consider trying out for the ballroom team in May!

See the ERMS Ballroom Website for more information on the Ballroom Team!

Needs Assessment Survey


Elk Ridge Middle Needs Assessment Survey

             Every three years the schools in the Jordan School District create a needs assessment survey for students, teachers, and parents. Our survey is designed to help us understand the needs of the school community so we can create a school improvement plan and student programs directed at the needs expressed within the survey. Students at Elk Ridge Middle will only participate in the survey if they have returned a signed parent permission slip. The links to the survey are below.

Student Link:

Parent Link: