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Halloween is sneaking up on us! Take a peep at these costume guidelines

Costumes on Halloween are Encouraged! By following these simple guidelines, we can ensure that all of us have a safe and happy Halloween

  • Must come already dressed for the day
  • Simple, fun, costumes
  • No battery operated or inflatable costumes 
  • No face paint, masks, or special effect paint or rubber silicone on face
  • No weapons, facsimile of weapons, gore, or violence
  • No costumes that are mean-spirited or degrading to racial, ethnic, or religious groups
  • Colored hair is fine as long as it is applied at home. No colored sprays allowed at school
  • Costumes should meet school dress code.
    • This includes bandanas or other items that have been used to associate with gangs.
    • An exception: Hats are acceptable if they are part of the costume and can be removed for class and are not a problem in the halls