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Wapiti Medallion



Elk Ridge Middle School has a large and diverse student body consisting of students with many differing talents and abilities. The purpose of the Wapiti Medallion is to encourage and challenge students to be involved in a wide variety of activities while attending Elk Ridge Middle School. The incentive is to have students become well rounded (i.e. academics, civic engagement, service learning, etc…). The focus is to reward students who are active participants at ERMS. Students may apply for a medallion each year, grades 7 - 9. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up an application for the Wapiti Medallion from the main office and to return the completed application to the counseling center by Monday, May 8 2019.

Wapiti Application 7th Grade 2018-19

Wapiti Application 8th Grade 2018-19

Wapiti Application 9th grade 2018-19

A student must earn a minimum number of points at each grade level to earn the annual medallion as indicated below:

  • Bronze – 7 th Grade (50 pts)
  • Silver – 8 th Grade (50 pts)
  • Gold – 9 th Grade (55 pts)
  • Platinum – 150 Points ( Grades 7 – 9)
  • *ERMS students that earn a total of 150 points (in grades 7 – 9), can earn the Platinum Medallion. This award will be available starting with the graduating class of 2015.

The point values apply to each year of participation at ERMS. Activities done at other schools will not be accepted. Signatures verifying participation from administrators, supervisors, teachers, and/or coaches are required for each activity. Students must earn an 80% (B-) or higher for honors classes to receive points from eligible classes.