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Red Ribbon Week

Red ribbon week is in full swing and we have both the SBOs and the PTSA Ambassadors to thank for the activities to encourage us to 

On Monday, we dressed in BLACK and WHITE to show there is no gray when it comes to doing drugs. It's BLACK and WHITE. Don't do drugs!

One Tuesday, we wore denim to show that "Denim is in! Being a bully is out!" Bruce Springsteen called, he wants his clothes back. However, "The Boss" applauded our choices, to wear denim, and to NEVER be a bully.

On Wednesday we dressed as twins to show our support for friends and be aware, listen for signs, and tell someone who can help. We CAN prevent suicide.

Thursday is HAT DAY! Hat's off to you for being kind, being strong, and being you!

Friday is SPORTS DAY! While we wear the garb of our favorite team, we will reflect on how "Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others!"

Check out Red Ribbon Week photos in the slider on the homepage!