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Spirit Week!

Enjoy Spirit Week, May 8 - 12!

  • MONDAY MAY 8TH: Peter Pan "Think a Happy Thought"   LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: Write a happy thought on pixie dust to hang in the auditorium.
  • TUESDAY MAY 9TH: Up "Adventure is Out There" LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: mark your adventure on a map
  • WEDNESDAY MAY 10TH: Toy Story "You've Got a Friend in Me" LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: guess how many Army Guys are in a jar for prizes.
  • THURSDAY MAY 11TH: Hercules "You Can Go the Distance" LUNCHTIME ACTIVITY: relay races
  • FRIDAY MAY 12TH: Where's Nemo? "Just Keep Swimming" DAYTIME ACTIVITY: find the Nemos hidden around the school.  There will be 36 total and take it to the office for a prize.